We believe that your clothing should be a reflection of your conscience, and that is why we are committed to sustainability not only through the materials we select for every piece we create and our approach to our design, but in every aspect of our work.

Fundudzi provides a capsule wardrobe for free spirited individuals seeking pieces with a distinctive signature which subtly draw inspiration from the people and places unsoiled by the noise of modern life.

The name Fundudzi is inspired by a body of water Lake Fundudzi, a sacred site for the vhaVenda tribe whose home is found in the mountainous north of South Africa. The vhaVenda are a people who have remained true to their traditions and believe you can hear their ancestors drumming beneath the waters of the lake at night.

Clothing with a conscience

What you wrap around your body is a reflection of your soul.
A socially and environmentally responsible company, we believe all of us can make a difference in small but conscious ways to help our planet find it easier to breathe again.
Our label has grown out of a desire to help change the perception of our home, Africa, through presenting ranges inspired, designed and created here according to the highest level of quality.
Established in 2004, Fundudzi debuted its first collection at Cape Town Fashion Week and at Rookies, the platform for emerging designers which forms part of Stockholm Fashion Week, in August 2005.
Showing in Paris in July 2007, Fundudzi was praised for exploring an eco sensibility in an African context and described as “pure elegance with a bias for refinement”.
In 2009 Fundudzi formed part of an international exhibition on sustainable design in Copenhagen as part of the World Climate Summit.

Founder and creative director

“Be the change you wish to see” is what inspired fashion entrepreneur Craig Jacobs to form Fundudzi in 2004. Through him, the label incubates emerging design talents (many of whom have gone on to create their own sustainable businesses) while helping to highlight the rich tapestry of craft in Africa in a modern, future focused aesthetic.
He was recognized for his contribution to the creative industry as a writer, trend forecaster and TV personality by the Design Indaba in February 2005.
The year also saw him promote the South African fashion industry in Fashion Avenue with Jodie Kidd, a travel programme which has been flighted across the world from Hong Kong to Dublin, New York to Sydney.
In 2010 he was selected as one of 50 global City Shapers as part of the Range Rover Evoque Pulse of the City project.
2011 saw him appointed as an ambassador for the City of Joburg’s Growth and Development Strategy 2040, to help guide Africa’s economic powerhouse in becoming a smart and environmentally friendly metropolis. He is also a Gauteng Tourism ambassador to help promote tourism to the province.

Made in Africa

Africa has always been organic, and as a label raised out of the soil of Africa we are committed to using design to help grow our continent and celebrate its time honoured traditions of handicraft.
Working closely with communities in South Africa, Mozambique and Kenya, wherever possible, all pieces are made in Africa.